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Organic Pizza

Welcome to SimBIOsi Organic Pizza, where taste and sustainability come together to create a feast for the palate! Here, pizza takes the spotlight and will astonish you with its organic and biodynamic goodness.

Our pizzeria is like one big family, with a touch of fun and conviviality. The Neapolitan pizza chef, the legendary Ciro, is the mastermind behind the delights we serve every day. With his contagious passion and Neapolitan accent, Ciro turns each pizza into a culinary work of art.

The dough is our joy and pride. Prepared with organic flours made from ancient grains, it gives the pizza an irresistible crispiness and lightness. Every bite is a dance of flavors, with organic ingredients that perfectly marry on our base.

Imagine a Margherita pizza bursting with freshness, with organic tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella that melts in your mouth. Or perhaps venture into a special pizza, like the “Chianti Pizza” with truffles, finocchiona salami, and pecorino cheese. The combinations are endless, and each choice is a taste adventure.

But it doesn’t stop there! At SimBIOsi Organic Pizza, you can also savor a wide selection of organic craft beers that pair perfectly with our pizzas. Relax, sip on a refreshing beer, and enjoy the convivial atmosphere that surrounds you.

Come join our celebration of organic and biodynamic pizza! SimBIOsi Organic Pizza is the ideal place to spend carefree moments with friends and family, sharing smiles, stories, and plenty of tasty slices of pizza. We can’t wait to welcome you and make you feel like part of our big family. Ciro and the entire team await you with their passion and culinary talent to offer you a unique experience that will stay in your heart… and in your stomach!

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